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International Courier Services in Pitampura

Courier Solutions!

DT International can assist you if you're looking for an international courier service in Pitampura. You are with the right business, as we offer the most affordable option to ship a parcel from Pitampura. These days as we ship a lot of things from this city, we know everybody needs a safe and dependable courier service that can deliver their product on schedule from Pitampura. Apart from providing prompt deliveries, we offer free pickup, free packaging, suitable paperwork, and secure transit. After shipment, we give you access to an online tracking system in Pitampura to track your package.

Delivery of local packages on the same day in Pitampura

Express Courier Services

Courier Service in Pitampura - High-PriorityParcel Delivery Services

DT International uses our express courier services to deliver packages from Pitampura on schedule. From Pitampura, we provide urgent document courier service with same-day or next-day delivery. We have a domestic or global logistic network.

Free pickup and packaging

Courier Service in Pitampura - Free Pickup

DT International provides the most affordable courier service in Pitampura. A free pickup for the shipper's package from Pitampura can be arranged. Get Pitampura overnight courier service with same-day or next-day delivery.

Tracking packages online

Courier Service in Pitampura - Free Pickup

Using DT International's real-time parcel tracking system, you may send your package from Pitampura and monitor every step of the way online. Following shipment, you may track and control your package in Pitampura with the help of our customer support.

International Courier Services in Pitampura

Warehousing and Storage Services

Courier Service in Pitampura - Get Packed & Shipped

DT International offer storage or warehouse services for your products at our Pitampura fulfillment facilities, where we pick, pack, and transport them to you or your customer. Ship from Pitampura or sell online utilizing our shipping and packing services.

We Deliver the parcel Service at the same Day we have over 17 years of experience in courier Service. That’s why, our company is well aware that we have to keep our eye on the current situation in the market before we delivery the parcel, back up deliveries to enhance our services and adapt to changes we cannot control. Only this way do we continue to provide a superior courier service that stands head and shoulders above our competition.

Best international Courier Services



DT International ships everything, including cars, personal things, household goods, yachts, RVs, cranes, tractors, heavy construction and earthmoving equipment, and general shipping, using containers and RoRos ("Roll on Roll off").


One of the cheapest and safest ways to transport a consignment is to ship personal or business goods as an LCL by sea. The ocean shippers are a part of DT International, we provide consolidation, FCL (Full Container Load), and Less Container Load options.


Shipping & Inland Freight within Pitampura, Moving your vehicles, cars, buses, trucks, and containers from one side of Pitampura to another?

Without a doubt, DT International can manage your move. We can pick up from any auto auction in Pitampura and deliver to any location in the world because we have access to all auctions.


For all of your air freight needs, DT International. offers a global network. To offer time-delimited services for your air cargo, we have worked with recognized airlines and others.

Why is DT International Pitampura's top courier service?

Since DT International offers a safe & affordable way to transport a package or parcel from Pitampura, DT International Courier Service is regarded as one of the best cargo and courier services near me. Express courier service with overnight or same-day delivery is available from Pitampura. In Pitampura, we offer a free home pickup service with packaging supplies. Each time you use our service to deliver a package from Pitampura, we are entirely devoted to exceeding your expectations. Due to our extensive logistical network in Pitampura, DT International is present everywhere in Pitampura. We can provide our customers with the speedy and dependable same-day deliveries they require because of our local package delivery services. We have hundreds of trained agents and multiple operation centers located throughout Pitampura, which is why we are the best domestic courier services in Pitampura.

Transparent Pricing

Real-Time Tracking

Warehouse Storage

Security For Cargo

Easy Payment Methods

24/7 Hours Support


Q. Which factors are most important to you while looking for the International courier services in Pitampura?

A.Few factors that I keep in mind to get what I am looking for in a good courier service are:

1.Guaranteed delivery

Guaranteed delivery sounds very nice, but the real question is how will the company ensure that my precious package is delivered to me or not?

So, while referring to a courier company for its services, I always first confirm that they have all their systems in place to fulfill their promises. In DT they have a back-up system in place to make sure that another courier service takes place of first as soon as possible if in case, for instance, there is a break down due to technical issues. This ensures that I get my parcel on time.


I always make sure how I am being priced because some of the courier services conceal their fees in Terms and conditions. One should know the final cost that would be there before one takes up the service. I never go for a service if the price seems too good to be true because then a company may cut corners when safety of your valuable package is at stake, and one definitely wouldn’t want that. The team of DT is always available and they have transparent pricing.

3.Track your delivery

I always take in account if a courier service is allowing me to track my delivery at any point. DT courier services offer Real time tracking and Fast and Efficient delivery. This is a point of concern when one needs delivery at a specific time.

4.Customer service

Customer Service is one of the essential things because it allows us to raise our complaints or concerns regarding the services we are paying for. Getting services from DT helped me a lot as they provided 24/7 hours professional and qualified support.


Being a business person, I search for flexibility in delivery options of a courier service. DT International offer a host of courier services such as door-to-door delivery services, international courier services and domestic courier services and deliver high priority packages, against critical deadlines, anytime of the day or night, anywhere in the world on the next flight out.

Q. Will a Courier be delivered if no-one is at Home to accept it?

A. Yes, the package can be left with a neighbor if nobody is there to receive the parcel at home. Signature is required for any delivery to be made. You can also raise any concern regarding it on our Contact Us Page.

Q. Do you offer a large courier delivery?

A. We are quite generous with regards to the size of packages that can be sent via our service - please use our quotation function to confirm if we can transport your package.

Q. Is there a weight limit to send packages through a courier service?

A. Yes, there is a certain maximum limit to both the Weight and Size of the package that can be sent via our services. Please use our Quotation Function to confirm whether or not your parcel complies with the maximum parameters.

Q. Why Are You So Cheap?

A. We work closely with all major airlines around the world. Ongoing negotiations ensure that we always have the cargo space we need and the ability to offer you competitive rates - even during the high season. This is only possible because of our strong and long-established relationships with these industry leaders.

Q. Do you offer a door-to-door delivery service with pick-up included?

A. Yes, we offer pick up and deliver services and door to door delivery services. You can let us know if you want this service, prior to booking so that we are able to make the appropriate arrangements For more information you just contact with our team.