Courier Vs Logistic Company

Mar 08, 2023

The size and quantity of the products being transported are where the fundamental distinction between logistics and courier begins. Courier services don't include moving larger items from one location to another. When it's necessary to distribute larger quantities of products, logistics services are used. Logistics courier service can take a great number of orders and have an impact on the entire business's working process, depending on the type of items.


A courier is a person or business that transports a letter, package, or message from one location to another. The majority of the time, a courier works under a business contract; where these logistics courier services are employed by the government or a state agency.

Functions and Responsibilities

The qualities that set some logistics courier services in Delhi apart from regular mail services items that are normally optional for most regular mail services include speed, security, tracking, signatures, specialization, and individualization of express services, as well as quick delivery times. Being a premium service, couriers are usually more costly than conventional mail services, and their use is typically restricted to items when one or more of these attributes are thought to be crucial enough to justify the expense.

Courier services are available on all scales, including local, regional, national, and international courier services.

Courier categories

DHL, DTDC, FedEx, EMS International, TNT, UPS, India Post, J&T Express, and Aramex are a few examples of large logistics courier services in Delhi. They provide services on a global scale, using a hub and bespoke design services for sending packages.

A Range Of Couriers

In cities like Delhi where logistics courier service is prevalent, there is a frequency of motorcycle or bicycle couriers, but shipments that must be delivered over longer distances; may also frequently involve domestic and international courier services like trucks, trains, and aircraft.

A Logistics Company's and A Courier Company's Difference.

On-board couriers are frequently used by numerous businesses that follow the just-in-time inventory approach, sometimes known as "JIT" (OBCs) on-board couriers are someone or a business who can go anywhere in the globe with quick notice, usually on a commercial aircraft. Companies compare the cost of service to hire an on-board courier against the "cost" the company will realize should the product not arrive by a certain time (an assembly line stops, an untimely court filing, lost sales from a product or components missing a delivery deadline, loss of business, etc.) although this type of service is the second most expensive general aviation charters are significantly more expensive.

Logistics Firm

The efficient forward and reverse flow of goods, services, and related information from the place of origin to the site of consumption per customer needs is the focus of logistics, a subset of supply chain management. The supply chain is kept together in part through logistics management. Both tangible assets like materials, machinery, and supplies as well as consumables like food and other consumables can be managed as resources in logistics. In addition to the movement of the troops themselves, sustaining army supply lines with food, weapons, ammunition, and spare components is a problem of military logistics. Civil logistics, on the other hand, deals with the purchase, transportation, and storage of raw materials, Semi-finished commodities, and finished goods.

A Logistics Company's and A Courier Company's Difference.

Real-time delivery of goods, or taking on delivery jobs with prompt deliveries, will be the responsibility of courier services. With specialized transport services, they have a variety of possibilities for accelerated deliveries that aren't dependent on full truck loads like in logistical services. Although they provide speedier delivery choices, logistics businesses cannot match the speed of courier services that specialize in tiny packages. Since they are larger and less time-sensitive than courier products, freight is sent and delivered in a way that is contrary to how it is done for typical deliveries.

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