How to send a Courier Internationally

Apr 30, 2023

Shipping a parcel abroad might be overwhelming, whether you're a casual sender with a loved one abroad or an active sender with an online business. Even if you've previously shipped items worldwide, it may feel as if you've had to relearn how to send internationally after Brexit.

We at DT International are international shipping experts, and we want to make shipping an item abroad accessible to everyone. That is, when you use DT International as your preferred courier service provider to deliver a package, you will save time, stress, and money.

Our International Shipping Hub has a wealth of information about the VAT associated with shipping to various EU countries, as well as a wealth of useful resources for business senders.

Sending a package abroad for the first time is an exciting experience. How long will it take to ship? Will the package arrive safely? You expect the courier service to take good care of your valuable item. What is our best parcel-sending tips?


International Shipping Step-by-Step


1. Dealing with Customs and Laws


- Examine the shipping limits. 

Your cargo may be subject to size, quantity, or weight limits depending on where and what you're shipping. Some products may not even be permitted in the country to which you are shipping. Some restrictions are imposed by courier services in Delhi, while others are imposed by a country's laws. It is critical to confirm these restrictions with your local postal service.


- Fill out the relevant customs paperwork.

When goods cross borders, customs documents are required. The form will differ based on the destination country, but almost all will require information about the sender, recipient, and shipment. Typically, the form will require you to specify what you're shipping and its value. This is to see if your shipment is subject to any customs or duty fees.


- Place your customized papers in the appropriate location. 

Some customs documents must be included in your shipment, while others must be attached to the outside, somewhere visible. Make sure you understand what is required so you can include it in your shipment.


- Investigate customs and duty charges. 

It's critical to be aware of these expenses ahead of time so you can budget for them or charge them to your receiver. A fast Google search with your shipment's destination will lead you to online databases or calculators that can help you calculate these expenses


- Check that the recipient's contact information is correct. 

If your package is held up at customs, border authorities may contact the recipient. You should also contact your recipient if there are any problems throughout the shipment procedure. Check the recipient's phone number and email address for any typos or mistakes.


- For smaller things, use a bubble mailer. 

The type of packing you select will be determined by the weight and size of your cargo. What you can and cannot transport in a conventional letter envelope is strictly enforced by postal services. For smaller items, you might be able to use a bubble mailer. These are slightly larger than standard bubble-wrap-lined envelopes.


- For larger products, use a solid box. 

If your item will not fit in a bubble mailer, get a box. The correct size box will safeguard your goods similar to a bubble mailer, but with additional size options.


- Give your shipment enough protection. 

This is especially critical when shipping sensitive items. Make certain that your item is tightly packed, with cushioning materials on every side, such as below and above.


- Seal your package. 

Envelopes require either licking the sealing strip or peeling back the protective film on an adhesive strip. When it comes to boxes, make sure to utilize packaging tape. Seal the flaps together with a strip, then wrap additional tape over the top of the box.


3. Sending Your Package

- Address and label your package. 

Make certain that the recipient's address is complete and visible. Remember to include the postal code as well as any apartment or suite numbers. Include your address as well, so that if there are any problems, the shipment can be returned to you.


- Acquire a tracking number. 

Most courier service will allow you to track your item. This allows you to track your package online and know precisely where it is. This is critical for international shipping because you'll know if your delivery is held up at customs.


- Choose a shipping company that offers a good mix of services and low prices. 

Choose a courier service that meets your requirements. Tracking information, signature on delivery, and insurance against damage or loss are all options that you can pay for. All of these features come at an additional cost, so choose the ones that are most relevant to your situation.


- Send your package. 

You can use the courier service near me or private shipping providers. Compare their prices and choose the most cost-effective firm for your needs.


Is Your Parcel Perfectly Packed?

No one enjoys receiving broken items. You should be aware that there are various things you can do to ensure that your package reaches you in one piece. A parcel that's been safely and correctly packaged, for example, can prevent dangers. It is critical to select a box or envelope that is the correct size for your shipment. Overstuffed packages are prone to ripping, while oversize packages can suffer dents. Don't forget to select packing material that complements the contents of your package. Cardboard envelopes are good for shipping lightweight documents, but bubble envelopes are ideal for sending CDs or keys.

Do you want to be certain that your package is securely wrapped? DT International provides packing as part of their service! Bring your shipment of up to 20 kilos to one of our Service Points and we will immediately package your documents or items in a proper box.


International parcel delivery with the top couriers

We understand how intimidating the process of shipping something may be, especially if it is your first-time sending items abroad. We'd like to lend a helping hand. To make things as simple as possible, we created this one-stop logistics portal where you can find all of the best international parcel delivery services in one location.
Using DT International we can save you time and money because our system will automatically discover the best international shipping solution for your packages.

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