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Best International Courier Services in Delhi

Best International Courier Services in Delhi

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Best International Courier Services in Delhi

At such a time as this and to help satisfy the demands of the expanding e-commerce sector and other companies, DT International was motivated to offer special international courier services in Delhi. We are a Delhi-based international courier firm that places a high priority on employing cutting-edge platforms and technology to make courier services easily accessible and practical while assuring efficient delivery requests and dispatch. Our primary services include international medicine delivery, Documents Delivery Service, Parcel Delivery Service, and other materials for per-kg cost. 

DT International is a reliable source of international courier services for people and businesses in the neighborhoods of our national capital, Delhi. DT International has partnerships with well-known brands in the sector. 

Even if you reside in Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad, or areas close to Delhi, our dependable international shipping service will allay your concerns and assist you. With partners in every corner of the globe, DT International offers a vast network of delivery options. 

Why Choose DT International For International Courier Services ?

With our vast network of carriers, working with DT International ensures that you obtain the proper services for your company or personal international cargo and courier service needs. Our team is committed to giving you direct access to a wide variety of international courier services in Delhi and has the expertise to assist you with your logistical needs cutting across international medicine delivery, Documents Delivery Service, Parcel Delivery Service.

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Yes, DT International provides insurance but is limited to the type of product or the owner of the product. 

Yes, we do pick up packages from just about anywhere in the world. Depending on where you want your packages to be picked up, pickup fees may or may not be applicable. Another exception that may apply is that for pickup in remote or neighboring areas, there may be an extra fee. To find out the cost of picking up your shipment, please get in touch with our customer service team.

Dimensional weight, which is calculated based on density, is used to compensate transporters for lightweight, bulky items. The majority of the time, air freight and small parcel services use dimensional weight.

Actual weight is the total weight of the cargo, including the pallet and packing, when it is sent.

Chargeable weight, which is greater than actual weight and dimensional weight, is applied to all shipments. For instance, if your box weighs 5 kg in actual weight but has a 10 kg dimensional weight, the chargeable weight of the shipment will be 10 kg. 

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Best International Courier Services In Delhi

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