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Best International Courier Services in Delhi

Best International Air Freight Cargo Services in Delhi

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Best International Air Freight Cargo Services in Delhi

DT International can handle your unaccompanied baggage and offer a variety of excess baggage services and manage cargo for numerous flight carriers. DT International specializes in International Air Freight Cargo Services in Delhi. Anywhere in the world, whether by air, sea, or land, we will organize your shipping to any location of your choosing. We utilize top-notch freight forwarding services sea and land freight forwarding services. Our built-in tracking systems keep track of shipment transit times and send you emails automatically with information about your road consignment, freight consignment, or sea consignment.

Why Choose DT international for International Air Freight Cargo Service?

DT International offers specialized freight logistics solutions for a wide range of cargo as an essential component of our clients' export/import departments. DT International provides a comprehensive range of domestic/international freight forwarding services in Delhi, Medicine International Courier Service, Documents Delivery Service, door-to-door pick-up, Parcel Delivery Service, cutting-edge tracking technology, and maintaining shipping papers, with some limitations on the size and weight of the products. We operate with great flexibility, including backup delivery methods in the event of strikes or bad weather. We provide upscale services, global exposure, and client-specific visibility based on their needs. To transport the goods and ensure their timely release following clearance in Delhi, we additionally transfer the consignment data to the final destination before the arrival.

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Smooth delivery of goods and information interchange in each logistics link is guaranteed with one-stop manual services including timely and responsive operating papers, consulting and answering questions, team division and cooperation, and a new format of seamless connection.

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Yes, DT International provides insurance but is limited to the type of product or the owner of the product.

Yes, we do pick up packages from JUST about anywhere in the world. Depending on where you want your packages to be picked up, pickup fees may or may not be applicable. Another exception that may apply is that for pickup in remote or neighboring areas, there may be an extra fee. To find out the cost of picking up your shipment, please get in touch with our customer service team.

Dimensional weight, which is calculated based on density, is used to compensate transporters for lightweight, bulky items. The majority of the time, air freight and small parcel services use dimensional weight. Actual weight is the total weight of the cargo, including the pallet and packing, when it is sent. Chargeable weight, which is greater than actual weight and dimensional weight, is applied to all shipments. For instance, if your box weighs 5 kg in actual weight but has a 10 kg dimensional weight, the chargeable weight of the shipment will be 10 kg.