6 Important things to keep in mind while sending a courier abroad

May 01, 2023

Do you want to expand into new markets, reach new audiences, and increase your profits? Exploring worldwide markets and facilitating international courier services could be the solution. The challenge is that with this procedure comes an array of new standards and regulations to follow, not to mention the potential challenges that come with scaling your order management operations abroad. So, how does global shipping work? What is the price? And how should small firms go about shipping internationally?

Here, we'll explain our top international courier service suggestions, including how to keep your prices low, deliver a seamless experience for your foreign consumers, and maintain your order fulfillment under control.

When sending a parcel abroad, there are various aspects to consider, and the procedure can be frightening. There are a few things to bear in mind, ranging from service pricing estimates to forbidden items.

Things to consider when sending shipments abroad are listed below.

1. Determine your products international demand.

Before starting a site-wide campaign aimed at international customers, conduct research to see if your products are in demand in other countries. If you have been receiving requests from clients from all over the world to begin shipping to them, you'll  know exactly which nations to target. If you don't already have international clients banging on your door, you'll need a well-planned strategy for entering new markets throughout the world. Begin by researching what is currently available in the countries you wish to ship to and whether similar products are already available.

Remember to keep track of your main competitors in each country.

You might be able to provide something unique in one country, but you'll be competing against a sea of competitors in another. Once you've determined the level of demand for your products in specific countries, it's a good idea to test the waters by selling through a native marketplace.

Furthermore, as you've done with your national audience, this would be an excellent way to begin expanding your international audience. This will take some time, so don't rush. Before promoting international courier service near me throughout your online business, make sure you have a solid strategy in place.

Keep in mind that international clients will purchase differently and will most likely use different marketplaces than Amazon or eBay.

2. Keep your foreign delivery costs as low as possible.

You must understand the costs associated with offering international courier service providers to your consumers, as well as how to keep them low.

Here are a few ideas for lowering your delivery costs:

To begin, don't be scared to bargain with shipping companies. Their rates will be adjusted based on your annual shipping volume, so the more you ship, the lower your rate will be.

Do research and comparison shopping to choose the best courier service provider for your needs. Of course, different couriers ship to different destinations, so you'll need to select one that ships to your overseas destinations at a reasonable price.

3. Determine the best international shipping method.

Choosing the best international shipping strategy for your company is critical to offering what your consumers want while keeping as cost-effective as feasible.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution here.

Your shipping plan will be determined by your target audience, budget, margins, product, and several other criteria.

If you are new to international courier service, it may be easier to utilize an experienced fulfillment partner to help you handle differing rules while expanding into new areas.

That being said before you can settle on a shipping plan, you must grasp the major factors involved in the process.

4. Obey all national laws and regulations.

When shipping abroad, you must be familiar with the norms and regulations of the nations to which you intend to ship. You can end up breaching the law if you're not careful.

So, how can you determine whether your products are appropriate for foreign shipping?

Consider whether your products are acceptable for long-distance travel. And, if they are fragile, are you willing to go the extra mile to ensure their safety in transit?

Furthermore, shipping perishable or large items overseas may be difficult. Do you have order management systems in place and the know-how to carry them out correctly?

If you answered no, you may want to spend a little more time planning before extending your business overseas, as committing too soon could result in negative customer evaluations and a tarnished reputation.

5. Keep fragile packages safe during international shipping.

If you intend to ship fragile things over the world, you must take precautions to prevent them from being damaged or shattered during transit.

The key is hidden within the box.

You must choose a box that is the proper size for the purpose. It should ideally be large enough to contain your stuff while yet leaving room for protective supplies.

As a general guideline:

Allow approximately 2  on all sides for extra packaging. Any more than this and your items may move around too much in the box. Furthermore, it is preferable to use a brand new box, as used boxes may be weaker and thus more likely to give way.

Choose a double-walled corrugated box if possible, especially if your items are heavy, as these are the strongest.

6. Make your International shipping processes more efficient.

Taking your business overseas requires you to learn new methods. As an example: There are several new fees to be aware of, as well as information to supply to your consumers,
such as valid and accurate contact and address information. Furthermore, increased data entry increases the risk of manual error, which can lead to a lot of
issues further down the supply chain. Shipping management software can help with this.

Such software, which has the potential to automate shipping procedures, can avoid input errors by allowing you to automatically import orders from your numerous markets.

Furthermore, by integrating your international courier service provider with all of your selling channels, you can manage your entire order fulfillment process from beginning to end from a single location.

By keeping these points in mind, you can ensure that your international shipping procedure runs well. International courier service might become somewhat easier if you are aware of the essentials and get them out of the way in the proper manner.

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