How To Ensure Safe And Secure Delivery of Medicines Using DT INTERNATIONAL

May 08, 2023

Do you intend to send a courier abroad? When sending a courier abroad, there are various variables to consider, and if you need an International courier service in Delhi, we are the ideal choice. International courier service in Delhi will make sure that your package arrives at its destination in an acceptable length of time and at a reasonable cost.

Sending medicines and prescription pharmaceuticals from India across international boundaries might require a few additional steps. Most nations have tight restrictions involving drugs, and correct documentation is required before transporting any medicine abroad.

However, we have included six key points for you to consider while having your courier delivered abroad.

Things to consider while sending a Courier Abroad

Send no prohibited materials: When sending a courier abroad, make sure it does not include any prohibited materials. The prohibition applies not only to India but also to the country where
you want to send the courier.

Examine the delivery schedule: Delay is the one thing you want to avoid when sending a courier abroad. Select a courier service that guarantees on-time delivery.

Use a courier service that offers to track: You will benefit from a tracking service because you will always know where your courier is.

Provide adequate packaging: You have packed the courier. Use adequate packaging for your courier and avoid overloading it.

Check the delivery address carefully: Provide the correct address on the courier, and it should be written properly.

Pay no more than necessary: Some businesses deceive clients by claiming to provide domestic medicine delivery service in India. Always shop around for the best costs from different service providers.

India's Medicine Courier Services

Fortunately, DT International can assist you with all aspects of medicine delivery service from India. With a large network of delivery partners such as UPS, DPD, DPEx, Aramex, and others,

DT International delivers on time and safely.

Pills, herbs, lozenges, injections, syringes, prescription medications, inhalers, ointments, eye drops, ear drops, and capsules can all be shipped. Ayurvedic and homeopathic remedies can also
be shipped. You also supply medicinal supplies such as masks, gloves, and test kits. Overall, the list of shippable products is endless. Contact DT International's customer service the team right away.

Why Choose DT International for International Medicine Couriers?

International Delivery and Door-to-Door Medicine Pickup

Our doorstep pickup and delivery is an important part of our quick international courier service. We offer complete drug logistics solutions, as well as assistance in obtaining your preferred medicines from reputable pharmacies and sending them to your desired destination/country. We provide free pickups as well as live parcel tracking. 100% Customs Clearance Assistance for Medicines

Our rapid customer care allows us to better serve you and ensure that all of the specifics of your order are correct. We don't just handle the transportation of your foreign medication couriers; we also help you with a range of other needs, including getting your documents in order, dealing with customs issues, assistance with packaging, and so on.

Support for Medicine Export Documentation and Packaging

DT International values long-term connections with its customers and strives to provide a seamless shipping experience. Our customer service assists you in navigating the procedure of packing medicines by international standards. Our professional Documentation Team performs export invoicing following industry standards to assure on-time overseas drug deliveries.

Reasonably priced international medicine courier fees

When compared to other market players, our effective and quick delivery services are affordable. Our services go beyond simply facilitating the delivery of your pharmaceutical courier; we endeavor to keep our customers informed by providing real-time tracking, documentation, and packaging assistance, quick pickup and delivery performance, and so on.

Reliable networks for on-time delivery and live tracking

We connect you with the most dependable courier partners, such as DHL, Aramex, UPS, and TNT, who work around the clock to meet consumer needs and preferences. Our partners work hard to avoid delays and inconveniences, and they are dedicated to providing you with excellent service every time you choose DT International for international medicine delivery in India.

Minimum Delivery Period

Time is a valuable commodity, and we understand that meeting the needs of our valued customers requires prompt delivery. DT International is well-known for its very efficient and quick international deliveries, as well as its excellent customer service.

International Exposure

DT International would undoubtedly be at the top of any list of foreign medicine delivery service providers near me because of its extensive domestic and worldwide reach. Our extensive customer and network reach enables us to not only deliver your shipments on time but also to meet all client expectations and needs holistically.

Time of delivery

Once on the way (subject to customs clearance), our usual medication courier delivery period is 6-8 days. Deliveries may be easily traced and managed using our real-time tracking system, and clients receive live email and SMS updates on the location of their packages for their convenience.

Why should you work with DT International?

DT International offers easy customs clearance aid and packaging assistance that may be applied to package various categories of pharmaceuticals in differing sizes while also reducing the the danger of damage.

Our services can be scheduled from anywhere in the country, and you can be confident that your domestic medicine delivery service in India will arrive on time because of our dependable networks such as UPS, Aramex, Canada Post, Australia Post, and others.

We have extensive expertise in the shipping regulations and standards of all prominent nations to ensure international medicine delivery services are delivered in the most efficient manner possible, avoiding all potential delays and losses.

The Procedure

The operations team is made up of employees who are talented, efficient, and skilled. The procedure is broken down into three stages.

1. The first step in the process is the pickup, which is completely free of charge. The pickup staff offers to bring the package to your door.

2. The packages are then delivered to the warehouse in the second stage of the operation. This phase is a little more complicated, but in a nutshell, the staff screens your packages to ensure that all customs requirements are obeyed.

3. The final step is where the highly regarded and experienced partners enter the picture. DT International ensures that our client's packages arrive safely at their destinations. The organization monitors the shipment at all times and keeps clients informed.

Using the recommendations provided above, select a courier provider to send your medications abroad.  We provide International courier service in Delhi and ensure that we have everything necessary to assure the delivery of your courier.

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